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Eliminate Child Labor from the Supply Chain.

We are on a mission to eliminate child labor from the supply chain. The fashion and apparel industry have no need for sweatshops and child labor to produce low cost cheap quality garments.

This can all be produced with high quality eco-friendly materials, quality sowing that create long lasting apparel, child labor free from dirt to shirt, with livable wages.


Working with WRAP certified Facilities

What is WRAP Certified? WRAP stands for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. They are a non profit organization of dedicated experts in the compliance for humane and ethical manufacturing. By teaming up and following their lead, we make sure sustainable clothing is being made with every thread. This is one part collaboration and one part discipline, its easy to look at the bottom line but its much more difficult to look yourself in the mirror.

Securing our supply chain from seed to thread.

Although asking the tough question to cotton farmers is uncomfortable, the best way to know your supply chain is to visit them in person and see for yourself who you are working with. Its the reason we only source from American producers (North and LATAM).


The lack of information available to the public about the supply chain of apparel manufacturing is astonishing. More have been covered about the intimate details of celebrities lives than child labor in apparel production. Through our journey we strive to educate and promote awareness of this issue, so we together can eradicate it. Children deserve to have their freedom and education, not spending their time doing slave labor.

Certifying Eco-Friendly processes and materials

All of our shirts are printed with water based inks which are non-toxic to the environment and humans. Plastisol is a cancer that keeps on giving even while washing will disintegrate the leading polluter in oceans. We are looking for new materials to substitute Cotton like Bamboo and Hemp! Our final goal is a close loop system to produce all apparel items.