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Progress, is one of life's most important features. As you move on through space and time, you grow, you acquire information and you develop new ideas. As time doesn't stop neither does one stop improving, there's always room for growth and new goals. Never stop moving, never stop creating.
Prosper, to achieve success in life is the ultimate goal for any human, whether it be in material, spiritual or knowledge. This mantra represents the balance of achieving all three. Don't do what you love or you'll never get anything done, love what you do and success will come. Work Smart not Hard.
Probity, our most important mantra, it is the belief of having strong moral principals, honesty and decency. Derived from the word PROBUS meaning Good. This is imbued in all humans and what makes us a special species. We will never advocate or condone child labor, slave labor and unlivable wages. We'll never idolize profit above humanity. Life is hard as it is, we don't have to make it more difficult for anyone else.